CHAMPION Interactive series of books

CHAMPION Interactive series of books

Interactive series of books

Created for children with dyslexia and other learning disabilities.

CHAMPION books can also help children with learning disabilities develop their reading skills.


– Use of a font similar to the handwriting learned in class

– Larger font size

– Short sentences for easier memorization

– Explanations for difficult words or phrases

– Use of mostly regular words

– Simple punctuation

– Character overviews at the beginning of each story to facilitate understanding

– Clear illustrations

– Blocks of text on a white background to prevent eye strain

– Narration that follows a simple chronological order

– Puzzles that promote thought and interaction

– Story-comprehension games with questions and prizes

Available for tablets, smartphones, and computers – visit

The CHAMPION stories inspire children to be more physically active and help them to deepen their knowledge of different sports. The characters exemplify positive values such as teamwork, courage, determination, perseverance, and respect. The stories aim to promote reading skills in children. The typography is dynamic and fluid and difficult words are defined to make reading more fun. The illustrations, educational questions, and riddles actively involve the children in the story. In the stories, students are presented with some situations in which important social issues such as bullying and respecting the environment are addressed.
BONUS: Reading comprehension game with rewards


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